Thursday, May 1, 2008

Mom for a weekend Again!!

Last weekend I picked up the two girls and they spent Friday night till Sunday morning with me,, they said they had a good time. Now it's the four boy's turn ( minus the baby -- he hates me !) I will pick them up tomorrow night and bring them back Sunday.......Party time for the boys doing boys stuff with an old lady !!! I'm sure I'll have as much fun as I did with the girls.

It's fun to have kids around ,, something along with a husband of course that I prayed for --for
many years (decades !!!) but God's answer was no to both -- why -- I have no idea, wasn't my dream to be single ,but I read one time that God doesn't with hold any good gift from His children- so if wife and motherhood wasn't a gift God wants for me -it's not whats good for me at this time. It's something that's taken a lot of years to come to grips with ( OK decades) but it doesn't bother me like it use to --- don't get me wrong if God made a man fall from heaven for
me I'd not say no -- but if singleness is the life style He wants for me -- then so be it.

When I think about it - God has really put more than the number of children I asked for -in my
life at various times, its seems when the one group grows up there is always a new group waiting in the wings. Not only do I have my nephews to watch grow up into fine young men but I also have had several more that I have watch grow into very wonderful young people plus God has graciously given me little ones so I can start the process all over again,, and the
best part when I "play mom" I get to be the fun one !!!! I get to sugar them all up then send them home -- and yes I get to come back to a quiet house but that's the perfect kind a house to take a nap in when the kids have tried out the old lady!!!

So I could feel sorry for myself that I don't have......... or I could take time right now and thank God for giving me children in my life even if it's only for a weekend here and there and yes
thanking Him for my singleness so I can come and go as I please and take weekends to "play mom" just another reminder that He does know whats best even if we can't see it .


Nick-Ig said...

now let us see if you make it till Sunday. Bwahahahahahhahahahahhhaha

Snap said...

but if you have children, then you run the risk of having ones like us :)

TruthQuestioner said...

I'm equally thankful that God gave you to me as a surrogate "big sister"/aunt/mom/best friend, I don't know exactly what the relationship is. What I do know is that if it weren't for you, I'd be doing a whole lot of stuff a whole lot differently. And I would have died last semester of frustration and pulling my hair out.