Tuesday, May 13, 2008

It's Graduation Time !

Nothing new for this time of year and nothing new for me,, I have been to many. Family, friend's children, my god-child's --quite a number over the years. So this year's isn't anything new right -- wrong !!! This year a very special young lady will graduate, and start the next chapter in her life-- a life that I really haven't been apart of until the last few years but it's amazing what a few years can do. My first remembrance of her was in church when she was 10-12,,I loved to sit across from her and listen to her sing -- she loves to sing and it has been apparent for a long time. She has always sung from her heart down to her toes and I would just sit and listen to her and not sing -- she sang for both of us and much better than I ever could, but it was more than a good voice -there was passion and not just passion for a certain song but passion for the one that song was for. Her love for her Lord was evident even back then. That was about it for the most part,just listening to her sing- when she sat close enough and maybe a Hi or other pleasantries to her and her family, but nothing special. Then her family moved to a different church and I was busy with life ... fine that's the way life goes,, well almost. When I finally decided it's time to move on in my church life our paths cross once more, this time I end up (not really by my choosing) her youth leader --- I had no idea what I was doing. I certainly am not a jock,, so any kind of sports for fun is out the window and I'm not a frilly girl ,so girly girl things aren't going to do .. but that's ok because that's not what she (and the other 2) were looking for, they wanted to learn --learn as much as they could about God's Word and what God wants from us --- lipstick and football would have been easier!!!!! So we learned -- boy did we learn,, I learned how much I don't know.........but there was that passion again --- that passion for her Lord........she hadn't lost it --if anything it was stronger than ever. So off to some retreats and conferences so I could see how little I knew and I could see what passion for Christ and His Word was. This young lady has taught me a lot over these last couple of years more than she will ever know.. not just book -but heart-- what it truly means to be a follower of Christ..
Part of me is excited to see her life unfold and all the new adventures she will have, but part of me is going to miss all the times we have had -- talking,, discussing and giving our opinion on everything. Her quick wit can catch you off guard and her slowness!!! will drive you crazy but all in a good way. She's God's child and no matter what happens down life's path He will always be with her even when her family (and I ) can't. Her endless questions I pray will always be a part of her .. I have only seen her one time, sit through a bible class and never open her mouth... but you know what-- you don't learn if you don't ask !!! In this day and age where there are so many young people trying to grab on to something that won't last -- job,, money, material things, it's so wonderful to see people holding on to the solid rock of Christ and that's a prayer I have for all people, not just the graduates. So next week when I watch this beautiful young lady graduate and move on in her life -- I will thank God not only for blessing her with all the gifts He has given her,, but thanking Him for the gift of her, that He gave to me and that we both are His children by grace.


Nick-Ig said...

wow deep stuff this. I to am looking forward to her graduation, and if I can't go I will be very upset. It would be hard to Imagen a 10-12 year old of this girl. I have seen her lead charges against me in Capture the Flag, I have seen her get locked in a tent, I have seen her listen to my dad more intently then anyone else I know. It is like I have seen several different
people almost. Relaxed and having fun, Worried and upset, Frustrated and angry. Needless to say I liked the first one the best. She is a very grown up responsible lady and truly deserves to have a good graduation.

Rev. Rick Stuckwisch said...

That's a lovely post, Karen. Well said, and, to the extent that I am able to judge, quite on the mark.

Christ be praised for a truly remarkable young lady.