Sunday, September 14, 2008

One of Life's Struggles or Just Plain Laziness

That's what I've been tossing back and forth for quite some time,, since the first Higher Thing retreat in 2006. How much I don't know about the history of the Lutheran church, church fathers and just the simple catechism memorization's. I "grew up" in the Lutheran church, went to Lutheran school for 9 years of my life -- learned the catechism,, hymns,,bible verses-- the "whole 9 yards" . I know with age you lose things you've learned-- but is it that or the laziness on my part not to keep up with it. One of the goals I had during my "time off" was to read and study more --- and how much did I do ------------- zero!!! I have several bible studies and countless books but never touched them. And then I go back to church and see all these darling little ones that have no problem saying the catechism,, love learning and are eager to be in God's house,,, what a blessing -- what a statement ,,, so why don't I have it????????? I just ordered a book to be released next month-- a daily devotion book.......looks very good but shall we take bets on how long I keep up with it!!!!!!!! I know laziness is a sin and I guess I can say I'm the Queen of this one!!! But yet what am I doing to change my behavior??? I came home from church today -- too rainy to do anything (if I could) so a great day to read and what did I do ----
sleep!!!!!!!!! Like I said the Queen. It's interesting,, one of the reasons I started going to this church is how they concentrate so much on learning -- yet I'm not taking advantage of this gift.
Why????????? There is so much I need to learn or relearn and the years tick away without
any great improvement on my part and there is no one to blame but me. So is this what I need to jump start the old person or will we come back next year to the same kind of blog!!! God
only knows....................

Monday, September 1, 2008


This post is overdue,, the title doesn't seem enough but here goes;

First-- I'm thankful for my Pastors -- Pastor S and Pastor G thank you for not listening to me and coming to see me,, preaching the Gospel and giving me the Sacrament.
Your visits got me through some very blue days. Your words were always what I needed to
hear at the time............ Thank You for taking your vocation seriously and for caring for your

Second -- I'm thankful for all the help I have had- to be able to stay at home. My girls My girls
what can I say -- you gave up a lot of your summer to stay with an old lady... I hope I wasn't
too mean and cranky!!!!!!!!!!! All my friends and family that got things the way they needed to be to be home...All the visits and phone calls and cards........bright spots in my day.

Third -- My church family -- the cards,, the visits,, all the prayers -- the welcoming I got from the kids when I returned -- the church in action is what I saw and I am eternally grateful that God has surrounded me with such loving,, caring people. K & R next time will watch the movie !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :-)

Fourth -- My physician ,, my therapist and all the other people that took care of me during this time...they know their stuff and they are very compassionate and caring people. Definitely a
gift from God.

Fifth -- Wanda at work -- she took over my job along with hers,, I can't thank her enough . I
owe her the world !!!! She's been a great co-worker and dear person for ten years,, another
gift from God! I also am thankful for the doctor's I work for -- they were very patient in waiting for me to return,, they also are very caring and compassionate men-- this community is very
blessed to have these guys here.

Reading over what I wrote I can't help but thank God for everything over these past weeks
(past lifetime) He gave me some struggles that of course I wasn't happy about,, but He always
got me through them and there were more blessings during this time then I would have ever
dreamed of. He of course deserves all the praise..