Saturday, May 1, 2010

Who's to blame ????

I've been reading and watching a lot over the last couple of days about the call services from Ft Wayne and St. Louis --- both quite different .. I must say I wasn't the happiest to see the way
St. Louis started out but I guess I'm not as hip as I think I am. What troubled and saddened me the most was the amount of men that didn't get a call. These men have worked very hard , have gone into big time debt and have sacrificed much ( not to mention their families) for zero !!!!

Why??? Who's to blame ??? So then you start to think --- there has to be someone responsible.

Someone should have know this many wasn't needed this year and not let them start. Someone should have opened up places even if there isn't any. Someone- Someone- Someone -- that someone is ME --- the person in the pew.......the person who looks at the at the office of Pastor as and Employer/ Employee relationship ... I don't like what you do --- you're out!! The person in the pew that wants the pulpit filled but doesn't want to give his/her share of tithing to support that. The person in the pew that wishes his/her church did things like the one down the street that's bigger and better... The person who wants a coffee hour instead of bible class ,,, a drama or music instead of the Gospel. The person who wants the glory instead of the cross. The people in the pew has made call night a sad evening instead of looking to the future ....frustration instead of joy. We have told these men no not now maybe later, I have too many other things right now to worry and spend my money on. What would happen if we just cared a little about the spread of the Gospel about our children and ourselves being catechized about our neighbor being well cared for. What if there was too many places of need and not enough men......... Pastor Harrison said it best in his sermon --- don't let your hearts be troubled. Wonderful sermon ,, it had to be a great comfort to all of those listening. As for us in the pews we need to start thinking what can we do so these men who have worked so hard in preparing to serve God's people can do that.
It starts by focusing on the cross and only the cross.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

It was my party -- and I didn't even know it!!!

Last night was suppose to be dinner with the H family --a nice little group of 8,,, at least that's

what I was told ---so I go there at 6 was met in the driveway by D --we talk,, walk in the house

I said hi to Snap -turn around and get blasted with SURPRISE !!!!! It seems that the H's had

plan this little pre birthday party and guess who didn't know ??--- after the adults yelled the kids came running up the stairs yelling Happy Birthday --- the cozy quiet dinner of 8 was now up to 39 and not as quiet as first thought!!!! It was tremendously fun...........wonderful food -- of course Snap out did herself--- lots of laughing -- a few to many flashes of the camera......I got to

spend time with my 2 little ladies and my special little bud.........that's always a joy ....played a game with some of the next oldest........thank you Bob for figuring out how to set it up!!!! Talk

a lot--ate too much ------the angel food cake was to yell at Pastor G ( so my

birthday's complete :-) ) Just a grand evening.... Only downside was Pastor S wasn't there,,

we all missed him but he's doing what's needed to be done and next month will be missing Pastor G because he will be doing what is needed also --- but I can still yell at him over email so I won't be in despair!!!!!! I don't think I have ever had a surprise party -- I don't like surprises --- but I lived through this and it wasn't that life scaring!!!!!!!!!!!!! It's a reminder of God's blessings of friends and how much I need them in my life and how much I love all of them ,, minus of course the cameras !!!!! I am richly blessed to have so many wonderful people around me and it's great fun to spend time with them..........I hope they know how much they mean too me and how much I love time though I will be in the crowd yelling Surprise !!

Oh and BTW ,,,,,,,,,for D ---- you know what they say about paybacks :-)

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Our Bodies are to be Temples not Barns

If I know that why can't I follow that --- I see everyday the effects of what an unhealthy lifestyle does to a body --- the cardiologists are way to busy with people who eat the wrong things -- smoke too much --drink too much --yada yada yada ... I know how to make wise food choices..I know how many points I can have each day and I'm getting better at knowing without looking how many points a food item is.....I know exercise is good for the heart........ the dr's put a exercise room in our office for the staff to use.......... so why am I not a size 6 and running a marathon !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I pay someone each week,, to weigh me and see I'm not doing what I should be doing ------so I have decided to enlist the help of my blogging buddies ( can I blame you if it doesn't go well :-) no) I don't care what you have to do-- slap my hand -- tie me to a tree-- beat the living daylights out of me,,whenever I'm in your mists and I'm not making a good food choice you have my permission to call me on it,, every time.....also as much as I like being told I'm looking better and I look like I've lost weight more ,, we need TOUGH LOVE..I want to hear how I need to lose 75-80 more pounds and I better get busy and what a slouch I'm being..............................maybe that will help...........I might haul off and beat the stuffing out of you but,,,friends take chances with friends :-) Chances are I won't but you might see my stubborn streak come through --- yes I know it's hard to believe but I can get stubborn once in a blue moon !!! So if we work together maybe I can be a Barbie size by springtime ,,if not at least a regular size Easter all I have to work on is when I'm home alone and nobody is watching!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, June 7, 2009

One Small Step for OFHP..... One Giant Leap..........

I need to put a star on my calendar for yesterday --- an amazing miracle happen.... SH let me sit next to him at dinner yesterday --- not only sit by him but I helped him with his pizza and he
actually talked to me ,,, a couple of the sentences ,,I didn't understand --but I wasn't going to let that stop me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Who knows what I said yes to and who cares..............SH let me be next to him without pushing me away, and he didn't seem bothered that I was there either.
I even got to help him get ready for his bath!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! All the planets must have been in alignment last night or there was the right amount of yen and yang in the room or the little gnomes were busy underground ............I don't care --I 'm just happy that we spent the evening together without him looking at me and screaming ( doesn't do much for the self esteem). Now I have no guarantees that we will be back to our old tricks tomorrow night, but I'm going to bask in the light of this small step for the moment........................ I'm going to win him over yet!!!

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Can't --Can Shouldn't-- Should

If I listed all the things I can't do I'd run out of room and still not be able to list everything.
The things I can - list would be smaller but still not complete because the brain doesn't work
as well as it use to. On to shouldn't ,, again too long and should wouldn't be complete either.
What I do know is "the things I want to do I don't and the things I don't want to do I do".
They say that's called human nature -- I believe the better term is sinful but that's not PC !!!!!
Example -- I should be cleaning not blogging.................Putting the best construction on everything ....that's not me and so on ,,you get the drift of things and I'm sure you can fill in something to fit you to a T :-) What my can't --cans -- shouldn't-- and shoulds have really been thinking about lately is -- Communion and what age is the "right one".. ;; what should he or she know before's a hot topic on a number of other blogs and reading them has spark the old brain to work a little harder than normal. If you would have asked me these question a couple of years ago I would have given you a answer without
I'd be asking you a few before I'd give mine. I know for a fact I wasn't were I should have been
when I was confirmed ---still far from it --but the Lord's Supper is for the weak so they have is to be done often in's for believers not just anyone who
thinks it would be "cool". The church over the years has gone back and forth with "what's right ,, what isn't" and I think in the process has caused more confusion than there should be.
Catechises is one of the things in question ---- When do we know enough to be able to go to
the Lord's Altar???? If we memorize all these things then we can!!???!!! Just because you memorize doesn't mean you understand or you're going to retain what you learned.. Why
do we have to put an age on this like we do some many other things.........what if the child
is ready before that golden age???..........what if the child isn't ready by the time they reach
it??? Pastor's debate this all the time --- who's right ---who's wrong-- does the average pew
sitter care??? Is it just the Pastor's decision or should the parents be involved??? Is the Pastor
the only one teaching catechism or is the child learning it at home too??????? Has the child
learn the catechism from little on up or just the last couple of years before that "golden age"??
I don't think it's such a cut and dry question/answer anymore .......and it probably wasn't ever.
I know I taking this out of context but all I keep thinking about the last couple of days is the
story of Jesus rebuking the disciples for not letting the children come to Him.........there needs to be order --the way things are done in the church--- but are we getting so hung up on ages and
knowledge and what they need to wear and on and on and on that we aren't letting the children come to Jesus?????????????????????? The old brain still has to do some more thinking on this and your comments are very much appreciated..............Thanking God for all His blessings even the can'ts --cans ---shouldn'ts--- shoulds

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Time Flys When You're Sleepy

This weekend I got to play "mom" again --- it's always a treat and I really enjoyed it --- I hope the boys did too. The only down side is I have to play "mom" all the time not just when I "want" to...........take for instance Saturday Morning .... my only morning to sleep in .. I knew being "mom" for a weekend I couldn't stay in bed till 10:00am ,,but when the little angel came in and said "is it time to get up?" and I looked at my clock and it read 6:45AM I hoped he was kidding....
I nicely said it's wasn't time and when the clock read 8 0 0 it was time to get up.........I forget children are creative so when the little angel came in again and said that their clock read 8 0 0
I couldn't really be mad-- he was showing how to get around I told him my clock didn't say 8 0 0 so go back to bed for awhile.............. I waited 5 minutes then went in and
and told them it was time to get up was 7 0 5............Yeah!!!!!! They were thrilled ... but for some reason their two older brothers weren't--- can't figure that one out :-).......... So by 7:15 I was making breakfast --- That's one for the record books!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Not only up but cooking!!!
And they say miracles don't happen!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

In a few weeks I get the girls --- maybe they understand the meaning of beauty sleep!!!!!!

Friday, January 2, 2009

Blue Isn't Just a Color

It has also been used to describe how one feels,, and I guess I can use that in my description of how I felt last month. It wasn't how some feel so desperate,, there's no hope and can't see anyway out of their problems. Mine was more of a " I don't want anyone around me ,,I don't want to do anything-- just give me my blankets my TV and my refrigerator and leave me alone ------forever!!!!!!!!!!!! If I would of been able to get out of work I would have,,, I skipped alot of church because I didn't want to be around the congregation ( some of whom I love very much) I didn't want to have to explain to the pastors what was wrong --- even if I really didn't know --- Rest assured they would have been more than happy to talk with me -but it was a very busy time for them and they didn't need some old person whining........(my reasoning isn't always sound) I wanted no contact with the world --- just let me be --- I know that's not the way to be,, but last month it sounded good.......looking at it now-- I never was at a point of complete hopelessness I have heard people say they're at... and I know I can't chalk that up to" what a great person I am to pull myself up out of the murk and mire and get back in there" but I believe it comes from my up bringing --- I was taught by my parents -- by my pastors and by my Lutheran school teachers that there is always hope --- Christ conquered sin ,,death and the devil-- the baby wrapped in cloth lying in a manger came to this world to die - but the tomb didn't keep him-- where they laid him those cloths are empty-- so no matter how I feel --- as blue as it gets ( and let me tell you I never been that blue for that long before) Christ took care of all that ... I am truly thankful for that and I thank God I was never in a place nor do I ever want to be in a place of complete hopelessness....... I have to keep remembering my life verse --Jeremiah 29:11 it's not a prosperity promise,, that I will have every thing I want --it's a promise of hope that He has given me all I need no matter what color I feel today...................................