Saturday, April 25, 2009

Can't --Can Shouldn't-- Should

If I listed all the things I can't do I'd run out of room and still not be able to list everything.
The things I can - list would be smaller but still not complete because the brain doesn't work
as well as it use to. On to shouldn't ,, again too long and should wouldn't be complete either.
What I do know is "the things I want to do I don't and the things I don't want to do I do".
They say that's called human nature -- I believe the better term is sinful but that's not PC !!!!!
Example -- I should be cleaning not blogging.................Putting the best construction on everything ....that's not me and so on ,,you get the drift of things and I'm sure you can fill in something to fit you to a T :-) What my can't --cans -- shouldn't-- and shoulds have really been thinking about lately is -- Communion and what age is the "right one".. ;; what should he or she know before's a hot topic on a number of other blogs and reading them has spark the old brain to work a little harder than normal. If you would have asked me these question a couple of years ago I would have given you a answer without
I'd be asking you a few before I'd give mine. I know for a fact I wasn't were I should have been
when I was confirmed ---still far from it --but the Lord's Supper is for the weak so they have is to be done often in's for believers not just anyone who
thinks it would be "cool". The church over the years has gone back and forth with "what's right ,, what isn't" and I think in the process has caused more confusion than there should be.
Catechises is one of the things in question ---- When do we know enough to be able to go to
the Lord's Altar???? If we memorize all these things then we can!!???!!! Just because you memorize doesn't mean you understand or you're going to retain what you learned.. Why
do we have to put an age on this like we do some many other things.........what if the child
is ready before that golden age???..........what if the child isn't ready by the time they reach
it??? Pastor's debate this all the time --- who's right ---who's wrong-- does the average pew
sitter care??? Is it just the Pastor's decision or should the parents be involved??? Is the Pastor
the only one teaching catechism or is the child learning it at home too??????? Has the child
learn the catechism from little on up or just the last couple of years before that "golden age"??
I don't think it's such a cut and dry question/answer anymore .......and it probably wasn't ever.
I know I taking this out of context but all I keep thinking about the last couple of days is the
story of Jesus rebuking the disciples for not letting the children come to Him.........there needs to be order --the way things are done in the church--- but are we getting so hung up on ages and
knowledge and what they need to wear and on and on and on that we aren't letting the children come to Jesus?????????????????????? The old brain still has to do some more thinking on this and your comments are very much appreciated..............Thanking God for all His blessings even the can'ts --cans ---shouldn'ts--- shoulds