Saturday, May 1, 2010

Who's to blame ????

I've been reading and watching a lot over the last couple of days about the call services from Ft Wayne and St. Louis --- both quite different .. I must say I wasn't the happiest to see the way
St. Louis started out but I guess I'm not as hip as I think I am. What troubled and saddened me the most was the amount of men that didn't get a call. These men have worked very hard , have gone into big time debt and have sacrificed much ( not to mention their families) for zero !!!!

Why??? Who's to blame ??? So then you start to think --- there has to be someone responsible.

Someone should have know this many wasn't needed this year and not let them start. Someone should have opened up places even if there isn't any. Someone- Someone- Someone -- that someone is ME --- the person in the pew.......the person who looks at the at the office of Pastor as and Employer/ Employee relationship ... I don't like what you do --- you're out!! The person in the pew that wants the pulpit filled but doesn't want to give his/her share of tithing to support that. The person in the pew that wishes his/her church did things like the one down the street that's bigger and better... The person who wants a coffee hour instead of bible class ,,, a drama or music instead of the Gospel. The person who wants the glory instead of the cross. The people in the pew has made call night a sad evening instead of looking to the future ....frustration instead of joy. We have told these men no not now maybe later, I have too many other things right now to worry and spend my money on. What would happen if we just cared a little about the spread of the Gospel about our children and ourselves being catechized about our neighbor being well cared for. What if there was too many places of need and not enough men......... Pastor Harrison said it best in his sermon --- don't let your hearts be troubled. Wonderful sermon ,, it had to be a great comfort to all of those listening. As for us in the pews we need to start thinking what can we do so these men who have worked so hard in preparing to serve God's people can do that.
It starts by focusing on the cross and only the cross.

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organistsandra said...

There are a lot of conflicting opinions are there about the causes and solutions, aren't there? Two that bother me are:
1] It's time to recognize that traditional four-year residential seminary and full-time pastor is becoming less and less possible, and that non-residential schooling and worker priest model is simply the reality.
2] It's time to read the Bible and recognize that we are commanded to support our pastors, meaning it is wrong if a pastor has to work a second "job".

Obviously it's not that black and white. And it bothers me most when people get cynical or sarcastic in their arguments. Please be kind and compassionate. How does it help to get everyone angry?