Wednesday, August 12, 2009

It was my party -- and I didn't even know it!!!

Last night was suppose to be dinner with the H family --a nice little group of 8,,, at least that's

what I was told ---so I go there at 6 was met in the driveway by D --we talk,, walk in the house

I said hi to Snap -turn around and get blasted with SURPRISE !!!!! It seems that the H's had

plan this little pre birthday party and guess who didn't know ??--- after the adults yelled the kids came running up the stairs yelling Happy Birthday --- the cozy quiet dinner of 8 was now up to 39 and not as quiet as first thought!!!! It was tremendously fun...........wonderful food -- of course Snap out did herself--- lots of laughing -- a few to many flashes of the camera......I got to

spend time with my 2 little ladies and my special little bud.........that's always a joy ....played a game with some of the next oldest........thank you Bob for figuring out how to set it up!!!! Talk

a lot--ate too much ------the angel food cake was to yell at Pastor G ( so my

birthday's complete :-) ) Just a grand evening.... Only downside was Pastor S wasn't there,,

we all missed him but he's doing what's needed to be done and next month will be missing Pastor G because he will be doing what is needed also --- but I can still yell at him over email so I won't be in despair!!!!!! I don't think I have ever had a surprise party -- I don't like surprises --- but I lived through this and it wasn't that life scaring!!!!!!!!!!!!! It's a reminder of God's blessings of friends and how much I need them in my life and how much I love all of them ,, minus of course the cameras !!!!! I am richly blessed to have so many wonderful people around me and it's great fun to spend time with them..........I hope they know how much they mean too me and how much I love time though I will be in the crowd yelling Surprise !!

Oh and BTW ,,,,,,,,,for D ---- you know what they say about paybacks :-)


The Incredible Ick said...

wait a minute... I thought that party was for me? :(

Glad you enjoyed it Karen, and I agree the food was rather tasteful, but I still think you should have gone Canoeing with us.

Karin said...

I hope to still get to take a walk with you soon. Fernwood??? I might need someone to talk to about stuff ya know?

The Incredible Ick said...
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The Incredible Ick said...