Saturday, November 29, 2008

Seven Random Things

So I've been tagged --- and now have to tell 7 random things about myself!!

1. My favorite church season has always been Christmas -- it started in grade school at St. Matthew's with singing Silent Night (first verse in German ) lights off and just the glow of the
Christmas trees --- still brings back wonderful memories.... and there is no other way Slient Night should be sung!!!!!!!!!!!!! but now I want Christmas without snow ---I know I know it's showing my age but I don't care ........we don't need snow to have a great Christmas. My best Christmas gift was a Barbie,, still have a picture of me holding it tightly while little brother shows off his gun and holster set which included a cowboy hat!!!!!!! Those were the days :-)

2. I wanted to go to Arizona after graduation and be a teacher at the Indian orphanage there,,
but instead I stayed here and am working in the medical field.

3. My favorite food is pasta ---------- any shape -any way ,, should have been Italian instead
of German......

4. Car rides are my passion -- love to get in the car and find some place new or find out where
this road leads .... a true Karen Ride is at least 100 miles !!!!!! So make sure you take a bathroom
break before we start because no telling when you may get another one !!! :-)

5. HT made quite the impact on my life --- still don't understand all of it but am truly grateful for where God has me now . I firmly believe every youth should go to at least a couple of
HT conferences during their Jr/Sr years......... soak up all you can while you can.

6. The older I get the more I realize how much I don't know..........How I ever made it through
school is beyond me....but I do like to learn ..........History is a favorite.... of course you know
Geography wasn't :-)

7. Want to be the kind of friend that people can count on to help,, be there when needed
and that people like having around............... still working on this one.

Well that's about all the old lady can come up with at this hour --- now that all are bored you
should have no trouble falling asleep!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sweet Dreams


The Celebrated Author said...

What do you mean??? German is the best!

Karin said...

Hey, I found it interesting! Maybe I will try to write mine but I think I have done this before once.