Sunday, September 14, 2008

One of Life's Struggles or Just Plain Laziness

That's what I've been tossing back and forth for quite some time,, since the first Higher Thing retreat in 2006. How much I don't know about the history of the Lutheran church, church fathers and just the simple catechism memorization's. I "grew up" in the Lutheran church, went to Lutheran school for 9 years of my life -- learned the catechism,, hymns,,bible verses-- the "whole 9 yards" . I know with age you lose things you've learned-- but is it that or the laziness on my part not to keep up with it. One of the goals I had during my "time off" was to read and study more --- and how much did I do ------------- zero!!! I have several bible studies and countless books but never touched them. And then I go back to church and see all these darling little ones that have no problem saying the catechism,, love learning and are eager to be in God's house,,, what a blessing -- what a statement ,,, so why don't I have it????????? I just ordered a book to be released next month-- a daily devotion book.......looks very good but shall we take bets on how long I keep up with it!!!!!!!! I know laziness is a sin and I guess I can say I'm the Queen of this one!!! But yet what am I doing to change my behavior??? I came home from church today -- too rainy to do anything (if I could) so a great day to read and what did I do ----
sleep!!!!!!!!! Like I said the Queen. It's interesting,, one of the reasons I started going to this church is how they concentrate so much on learning -- yet I'm not taking advantage of this gift.
Why????????? There is so much I need to learn or relearn and the years tick away without
any great improvement on my part and there is no one to blame but me. So is this what I need to jump start the old person or will we come back next year to the same kind of blog!!! God
only knows....................


Rev. Rick Stuckwisch said...

The Lord is merciful, and He strengthens your faith by His Word.

Even if you are not as faithful as you desire to be, and ought to be, in your daily prayer and devotion; nevertheless, you are faithful in coming to church, in hearing the preaching and teaching of God's Word, in availing yourself of the means of grace. That's where the primary catechesis happens; not simply as knowledge gained, but as repentance and faith through the forgiveness of sins. Where there is such forgiveness, you're not "getting old," but are daily reborn unto newness of life.

If you see that you are not doing what you could or should in daily prayer, then resolve to do better; but don't suppose that you'll go from 0 to 60 in five seconds flat. Set a modest goal for yourself, and establish a daily discipline. I think the Treasury of Daily Prayer that you've ordered for yourself will be helpful in this regard. You don't have to do everything, but aim to confess the Creed and pray the Our Father every day, and include as much else as you reasonably can. Once you've established the routine, then you can build on that and add to it.

Be encouraged, though. Remember that Christ and His Spirit help you in your weakness, and pray and intercede for you; not only daily, but unceasingly, whether your are awake or asleep, hard at work or even being lazy. You rest in the One who has entered into the Holy of Holies on your behalf; where He is, there you shall be also. Indeed, your life is already there hidden with Christ in God! As often as you do pray, even in great weakness or with stuttering lips or faltering progress, your prayer is joined to that of Christ and carried to your Father in His Name by the Holy Spirit.

TruthQuestioner said...

Well, I had goals to read and finish essay/posts while I was with you, but I just laid around too. I guess we're both in it together. :D